The stages our department has passed through in its distinguished past are outlined below.


The Istanbul Technical School (1937-1969)

Physics department was founded as part of the Cartography and Land Survey Engineering Department which began education in the 1949-1950 semester as the first institution for engineers in Turkey in this field. Under leadership of Prof. Dr. A. Bedi ILGIM, basic and modern Physics courses were opened.


Architectural Academy Period (1969-1982)

During this period, as a part of basic science department, Physics department began offering basic physics,modern physics and atomic and molecular physics courses to the undergraduate and graduate engineering students.


The Yıldız University Period (1982-1992)

With the establishment of faculty of science and letters in Yıldız-Beşiktaş in 1982, Our department introduced a four-year program leading to an undergraduate physics major. In addition,  The department began offering both an M.S. and a Ph.D. program. Physics  department moved from Beşiktaş to Şişli in 1985.


The Yıldız Technical University Period (1992-)

Physics department moved from Şişli to Davutpaşa campus in 2000 and continues research and education activities in Davutpaşa campus.



In the deparment of physics; research, education and development works are done in the field of physics. Physics department offers double major program to the students . In addition,  the department has both an M.S. and a Ph.D. program.